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Anti-glare glass baord

  • Anti-glare glass board

    • The glass board has undergone anti-glare treatment to provide a clearer screen than regular screens when using a projector.
    • There is no glare that would disturb your eyes.
    • Writing can be done with any marker and the product appearances add an interior decorative effect as well.
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  • Circular panel type

    • The glass circular panel board has 3-5m of anti-glare glass with optic film coated on the back.
      It can also be used as an anti-glare glass board. Due to the lack of frame, it can be installed without a frame as is, or can be embedded into interior installation.

  • Frame type

    • Screen size type
      This is a screen glass board product manufactured in the ratio of 4:3 or 16:10 to match the projection of images. It realizes clean screens without leaving any white areas as is the case with existing projectors.
      ※ Size : Can be produced to 60 – 115 inch
    • Board size type
      This is an anti-glare glass board produced to fit the regular board size. Additional notes can be made in the margins when images are projected.
      ※ Size : Can be produced to 1200 x 900mm ~ 3600 x 1500mm

  • Aluminum slim bezel type

    • With a thin and slim frame of 7mm in width, a sleel and clean atmosphere can be created.
      ※ Size : Can be produced up to 2000 x 1500mm (A pen dock of 60 cm in length is provided)