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DID & Multi-vision

  • Multi-vision

    • Multi-vision display uses one ultra-large screen for the display and a DID panel collective installation.
    • Regardless of the venue, whether it is at broadcasting companies, a situation room, a comprehensive control tower,
    • fire-fighting center, public facilities, CCTV monitor room, lobbies inside buildings for advertisements or PR, hospitals,
    • theaters, subway station or department store, the screen can be composed in various formats and sizes.
  • 제품이미지

  • 제품이미지1
  • 제품이미지2
  • 제품이미지3
  • 제품이미지4
  • 제품이미지5
  • Product description

    • Screen can be composed to project large advertisements for simple ads or PR.

      Various dynamic high definition images and information can be provided without being limited to a certain media format

      Increased revenue and promotion through advertisements

      A thin, slim bezel interval to draw in the audience

      IPS panels that provide vibrant colors at any angle

      Multi-faceted image processing throuh composite outputs from numerous CCTV’s, computers or set-top boxes

      Supports both USB method and network method via the set-top method.