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Smart Controller

  • Smart controller (RGB type, built-in amplifier)

    • The smart controller is designed for easy application to AV systems in classrooms, meeting rooms or small lecture halls. It can be installed on any electronic lecture desk.
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  • Product description

    • Synchronized with the projector, complete control and HDCP compatibility with the electronic screen and elevation is offered.
      For elevation, time can be set to rise after a certain time has passed after projector has been turned off.
    • Minimized defects in the pad using a on/off touch control PAD method.
      Existing membrane pad method and switch method led to the key being torn due to long-term use.
      An on/off touch pad applied to take into account any issues with contact point.
    • No need to overhaul the computer body for power control of the computer.
      Computer power can be controlled using a WOL method.
    • Audio sound levels of PC, LAPTOP, AUX, MIC1 and MIC2 can be adjusted individually.
      The sound of each device can be set for Bass, Mid and Trabel in the settings,
      10 band EQ can be set for total output.
    • Built-in USB and LAN hub function.
      Built-in digital amp – standard 30W/ch, 2ch(Max. 50W/ch).
    • Using the integrated control program, the status of the equipment connected to the controller can be checked.
      A network function is built into the controller, allowing for monitoring of the status in each classroom and control of all connected equipment.