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Electronic board

  • DS-86PU

    • The electronic board is a high tech interactive solution fit for educational or corporate environments that use multi media systems.
    • The touch, speed of response and sensor recognition rate of the D Smart Touch electronic board is outstanding especially compared to existing products.
    • It features high durability, a built-in high function software and easy manipulation with just hands for playing high definition videos on large monitors, without having to use a special pen.
    • Multi-point recognition makes it easy to conduct classes.
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  • Product description

    • Stabilized panels
      LG ISP panel allows for outstanding color expression and a wide viewing angle.
      (DS-65TU-Inndux panel is installed.)
    • Realization of UHD LED 4K images
      With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 on a large screen, colors are presented brighter and clearer.
    • Better protection for the eyes and the product by using no-glare reinforced glass
      Steel frames and 5mm reinforced glass minimizes any damages even when used over a longer term.
    • Board-writing software
      A convenient and intuitive user interface offers infinite possibilities. An easy-to-use 2 user writing function, smart eraser, additional slide board function, functions to copy and insert graphics, save videos and user history, as well as compatibility with various programs are offered.
    • USB Plug & play (USB 2.0)
      A no drive touch that uses a plug & play method does not require the installation of a driver and offers 10 points for multi-touch function.
    • P-CAP method soft touch and support for multi-touch for all operating systems.
      Response speeds are a quick 6-7 ms, has high durability and writing can be done with fingers or dedicated pens.
      Supports multi-touch function for all operating systems (Window 7 or higher/7 & Mac OS, Linux).
    • Digital TV functions and various built-in terminals
      The various ports, including HDMI, USB, D-USB, component, composite, audio input and output, and optical ports make it convenient to use.
    • A built-in 10W speaker
      A built in 10W×2EA stereo speaker provides high output of sounds.
    • Highly energy efficient
      A product certified for its high energy efficiency makes it easy to conserve energy.
    • A slim and sophisticated design
      The slim frame serves the added benefit of giving a sophisticated touch to interior decoration.