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Electronic lecture desk

  • Smart electronic lecture desk I

    • The electronic lecture desk system is a high tech interactive education solution with a built-in integrated control system, LED board writing monitor and microphone. It features a 22 inch tablet monitor that supports smooth writing and a Smart Controller that can be operated with a single touch.
    • Features that will help create an ideal smart lecture environment include: A durable steel external structure, a device to adjust the angle of the monitor for users’ view, an electronic pen that does not require any batteries but allows for detailed writing, a 22 inch wide tablet monitor and a one-touch integrated Smart Controller that includes a digital amp, goose-neck microphone and 2 way speaker.
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  • Product description

    • 22 inch wide tablet monitor
      An oil hydraulic cylinder is used for the manual angle adjustment device.
      Writing feels as if you are writing on a real board, with detail expressions possible.
    • Upper panel can be opened or closed due to the vertical rail style.
      The upper slide can be closed or opened, making it easy to maintain or use.
      Differentiated specifications with a dual monitor option.
    • Board-writing software
      A convenient and intuitive user interface offers infinite possibilities. An easy-to-use 2 user writing function, smart eraser, additional slide board function, functions to copy and insert graphics, save videos and user history, as well as compatibility with various programs are offered.
    • Multi-function controller pad
      A multi-function control pad and mat with easy-to-use icons allow for one-touch contorl.
      All functions can be easily manipulated via a single keypad.
    • Various sound device options
      Integrated control with built-in amplifier, high function goose-neck microphone, wireless microphone and speaker can be selected.
    • Steel external case
      Made of durable steel in a sophisticated design.
      Heat is sent out through the ventilation outlet in the front and back.
    • Storage panel for dedicated touch pens and wireless charging of smartphones
      Dedicated touch pens can be used in combination with touch caps or spring cable ball point pens.
    • Maximized area of the multi-purpose tray
      The front keyboard and mouse area are maximized for more convenient usage.